Ruspini House News - Summer 2017

Find out what has been happening at Ruspini House over the Summer Term 2017........

Red Class - Space

Welcome back to the summer term and we are flying into our new 'Space' topic. We have created a space station in our home corner and the children have been making their own jet packs to add to the astronaut costumes.

Yellow Class - Space and Numicon

Yellow Class have been reading the story 'Whatever Next?' by Jill Murphy as an introduction to our 'Space' theme this half term. After listening to the story the children have created a display in the classroom based on the front cover.

They have also been using the Numicon shapes in their messy play to reinforce counting and shape recognition. They have been counting the marbles as they fill the holes in the various Numicon shapes. The cornflour and water makes it fun! 



Blue Class - Rockets

This week the children in Blue Class created their own rocket from various shapes. Firstly they painted the background and then stuck down the shapes to create the rockets. Here are some photos of the process and examples of the finished artwork.

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