Ruspini House News - Spring Term 2016

Read on for more about what happened in  Ruspini House during the Spring Term 2016...

Red Class - Friday 1st April 2016 - Sunflowers

Today Red Class have been painting pictures of sunflowers. They have looked at many different depictions of them including Van Gogh's version and then painted their own masterpieces.

Yellow Class - Wednesday 30th March 2016 - Pirates

Yellow Class have taken a real interest in Pirates this week after reading the book "Pirates Love Underpants" by Claire Freedman and Ben Cort and also "Ten Little Pirates" by Mike Brownlow and Simon Rickerty. It began with turning the climbing frame into a pirate ship and then moved on to the children wanting to go on a treasure hunt. They all made telescopes and treasure maps before setting off on their adventures. This has really encouraged the children's imaginations and they have enjoyed making up their own pirate stories.

Yellow Class - Tuesday 22nd March 2016 - Easter Egg Hunt at the Forest School

In preparation for Easter Yellow Class teamed up with Red Class to hunt for Easter eggs down in the Forest School in the RMS grounds. They found eggs hidden amongst the bushes and even up in the trees. The children then enjoyed a snack and some stories before heading back to Ruspini to count their eggs.

Red Class - Thursday 24th March 2016 - Three Little Pigs

Today Red Class had a literacy lesson based around the Three Little Pigs fairy tale. They had the opportunity to play with the puppets and build their very own house for the Three Little Pigs and the Big Bad Wolf.



Blue Class - Tuesday 22nd March - Easter Egg Hunt on a beautiful spring day

Today Blue Class went on a search for Easter eggs that the Easter Bunny had dropped! The sun was shining and the children found many multi-coloured eggs in the grounds of the school.

In the afternoon, it was so warm that we opened up our sandpit for the first time this year!

Easter Performance - Friday 18th March 2016

Today we celebrated Easter for all our families to see. All of the children had decorated an Easter Bonnet at home with their parents and we had a wonderful parade through the New Mark Hall to show them all our creations and then  we all sang some Easter songs for our assembled guests. The children had been practising the songs for a few weeks and they sang brilliantly. We hope that all of our guests enjoyed the performance.

Yellow Class - Thursday 17th March 2016 - Spring Planting

Yellow Class have been busy planting this week. They have planted flowers, a butterfly garden mix of wild flowers and also broad beans. The children have been keen to take care of their new projects by gently watering them and are excited to look for the first shoots and then to watch them grow.

Blue Class - Thursday 17th March 2016 - Making Shamrocks

The children in Blue Class made shamrocks today to celebrate St Patrick's Day. First they painted the shamrocks green. Then they added collage materials and lastly glitter.

Red Class - Tuesday 8th March 2016 - Road Safety

Today Red Class had a Road Safety session with a Road Safety Assistant from Hertfordshire County Council. They learnt all about the importance of wearing a seat belt in the car and then had the chance to practise crossing at a Zebra Crossing. They practised how to Stop (at the edge of the pavement), Look (to check that there are no cars coming) and Listen (to check that there are no cars that you can't see). 

Blue Class - Tuesday 8th March 2016 - Jelly Play

Today Blue Class were discovering the properties of jelly in their messy play as their sound of the week is 'j'. They were making it wobble and discovered how sticky is was. The classroom smelt very sweet!


Yellow Class - Tuesday 8th March 2016 - Road Safety

This week Yellow Class has been learning about Road Safety. We had a visit from a Road Safety Assistant from Herts County Council who provided the equipment for the children to learn how to 'stop, look and listen' as well as the importance of wearing a seat belt in the car. The children enjoyed crossing at the zebra crossing and were excited to take home a road safety booklet.

Here are some photos of them using the zebra crossing:


Blue Class - Friday 4th March 2016 - Planting seeds

Blue Class are preparing for Spring! They have been planting pots to decorate their garden.

First they filled the pots with soil:Then they added the seeds:They made sure that the soil was patted down on top of the seeds:Finally they gave the seeds some water:Hopefully they will all grow into a beautiful, colourful pot which will make the garden look wonderful.


World Book Day - Thursday 3rd March 2016

Today we celebrated World Book Day. The children had plenty of stories read to them and the Red Class visited the main school library for a storytelling session. They heard three stories all about animals including 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt'.

We all came in dressed up as a favourite storybook character. We had witches and wizards, knights and princesses, all kinds of animals and lots more. Here are some of our costumes:

Blue ClassYellow ClassRed ClassAnd, of course, the staff joined in too!

Thank you to Mrs Struc for coming in to take the photographs for us.

Blue Class News - Thursday 25th February 2016 - Making Honey Biscuits

Today we made honey biscuits to practise our sound of the week which is 'h'.

Yellow Class News - Tuesday 23rd February 2016 - Fairy-tale Castle

The half term Yellow Class are very excited to have a fairy-tale castle in their classroom. The children have enjoyed dressing up as princesses, princes, kings and wizards.

We have introduced our new topic "Growth" and have all been enjoying the story 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar' by Eric Carle. We are learning about the lifecycle of the butterfly and have made our very own caterpillar from papier mâché.


Red Class News - Tuesday 23rd February 2016 - Making Wellington Boot Planters

This week the children have been enjoying decorating the outside areas by filling up wellington boots with soil and planting flower seeds in them. Hopefully we will have a beautiful, colourful garden area when they start to grow!


Emergency Services Visit - Monday 8th February 2016

On Monday 8th February we received a very special visit from a fire engine and a police vehicle. The children and staff were very excited to hear the sirens, sit in the police car and to try on the police uniform hats and coats. The firemen explained the equipment that they carry in their engine to the children and some of them even sat inside the engine. Others got to hold the fire hoses.Thank you very much to the Hertfordshire Police and Fire Services for their time. The children thoroughly enjoyed the experience and are still talking about it a few weeks on.


Yellow Class News - Thursday 21st January 2016 - Dressing up

This week the children have been learning about different cultures. The children have been exploring different countries using the globe and completing different activities. They have made Egyptian jewellery, African sunset pictures, Chinese lanterns, carnival masks and Indian elephants. They also had fun dressing up in clothes from around the world.

Red Class News - Wednesday 20th January 2016 - Experimenting with colour

Red Class were investigating colour. They were using great descriptive language and predicting what would happen when colour was added to milk. They tested their ideas and discovered whether their predictions were correct. It was very exciting to see what happened!

Blue Class News - Tuesday 19th January - Pasta Necklaces

Today the children were making pasta necklaces. They were focusing on their hand/eye coordination as they learned to thread the pasta tubes on to the string. A great workout to help improve those fine motor skills! The children were really please with their creations.



Blue Class News - Thursday 14th January 2016 - United States of America

Blue Class were learning about the United States of America and they all had an opportunity to add their hand prints to depict the American Flag.

Yellow Class - Thursday 14th January 2016 - Planet Earth

Yellow Class have been learning all about our planet, Earth, this week. The children have been using the globe to familiarise themselves with the planet and discussing how the blue represents water and the green represents land. We have created playdough worlds as well as a giant papier mâché planet. Next week we are exploring our world further looking at different cultures and traditions.

Red Class - Thursday 14th January 2016 - Maths Challenge

This week our Maths Challenge is "Which are the heaviest? Teddy Bears or Marbles?" and the children have been using different mediums to explore and measure weights.

Yellow Class News - Thursday 7th January 2016 - Ruspini Hairdressers

Everyone was excited to come back in to Pre-School with all the news of their Christmas holidays. In our new topic 'The World Around Us' we will be learning and exploring different occupations of people and have turned our role play area into 'Ruspini Hairdressers' and  the children have been taking it in turns to style each other's hair.

Red Class News - Wednesday 6th January 2016 - Carpentry Skills

Our children have been exploring some new tools in the garden. Here they are learning some carpentry skills! 

Blue Class News - Tuesday 5th January 2016 - Chinese Restaurant

Our home corner has now become a Chinese restaurant as we are learning about the world around us this half term. The children have enjoyed dressing up and cooking with the wok and serving the food on Chinese crockery!

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